About us

What started as a 3-day getaway to a crop in Galena for the girls in my family has become a bi-annual event for the last 6 years! We are spread from Des Moines to Chicago (with a couple in between) and the Iowa City area was a good half-way point, plus it's just far enough that the girls from the Quad Cities can escape too. So every spring and every fall we make the pilgrimage to our 3-day retreat for a little gabbing, a little gluing, and most importantly, a great weekend with the girls!

Over the past 6 years our retreat has evolved and been opened to friends and the public so they too can have a weekend away with their favorite gal pals.

This event is organized by Mollie Deem, scrapbooker, papercrafter, stamper, and a big fan of gluing things!

You can contact Mollie by e-mail.