Where is the retreat located?
The retreat is held at the Country Inn and Suites, 2751 Heartland Place, Coralville, IA

Do I have to stay at the hotel?
No, if you live nearby and prefer to commute to the crop each day you can. (That's why we break out the retreat registration and hotel accomodations separately.)

What should I pack?
Your scrapbooking supplies of course! If you have electrical devices make sure to pack extension cords and powerstrips. You're also welcome to bring a snack to share at the community snack table if you'd like.

Are meals included?
No, meals are on your own. The hotel does have vending machines with soda and snacks. We used to include meals with the retreat, but attendee feedback indicated that they preferred to use meal times as a chance to take a break from scrapping. We also have several attendees with special dietary needs and they preferred to pay less to crop and provide their own meals.

Do you have vendors?
Vendor space availability varies by crop. We typically do not have vendor space at the Iowa City (Spring & Fall) crops.

Is the hotel room included in the registration fee?
No, hotel room and tax charges are separate from the retreat registration fee and must be paid for separately.

How many seats are available at the crop?
The Iowa City crop is typically kept to a smaller and more intimate size with tickets available for about 20 croppers.